Monday, April 28, 2014


Linden Place NE - April 25, 2014 

Late Friday afternoon, I skimmed the surface of the holy while walking to my car. You can call me crazy if you like, but it was sublime -- one of those moments when your senses are so completely overwhelmed they get scrambled.  Somehow, the air itself was shining, the light smelled fresh and clean, the rain felt like grace, and whatever lies beneath all of this was shimmering through to the barely perceptible.

I just stood there in the rain shower, umbrella open but at my side, soaking it all in, until I was honked at because someone wanted my parking spot. 

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  1. It's in those little moments when we really enjoy life. I love the impatient honking too! Unfortunately I can attest that even the culture in S.Korea is so impatient and rush, rush... how dare you pause for a brief moment and take in anything. LOL! Love you guys!