Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Real Conversations

"How did I forget the power of forgiveness? How did I forget that God is love? How did I forget, even though I knew all of these things, or thought I knew all of these things, that love liberates me to live deeper and deeper in love? This conversation reminded me of who I was, and why I was. In all of my years being raised in the church, working for the church, being formally educated by the church, and even ordained by the church, I have had many fine and life-altering conversations, but I have never had a conversation like this one. We spend so much of our time talking about the finer points of doctrine, or worship, or community politics, or arguing scriptural interpretation, or who is wrong and who is right, that we never get around to talking about love at its most very basic. We assume we know what’s important, but really, we don’t. We think we know God, or Jesus, or the Spirit, but really, we don’t. Not at all. Because if we did, we’d never speak about anything but the love of God and how that love holds us and feeds us and catches us when we fall."

Here's a post I wrote for The Pilgrim's Review, a webzine that a few of my friends back home in Central PA are involved in. Check it out!

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