Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Moving In and Moving On

I still don't feel totally moved in, despite being here for five weeks. We're here, and all of our stuff is here, and we even got our Verizon internet set up after five (!) appointments, but there is still so much to adjust to. There is a rhythm and a flow to H Street that I am still figuring out, and it changes from night to day, and from weekday to weekend. Our little street off of the main drag has proven to be welcoming and neighborly, and I'm glad that we stumbled upon it.

So, despite not feeling settled, I'm just going to go ahead and start the blog. We've already had a couple of adventures, including police storming up the stairs after my husband left the door open while he fed the dog, watching a fist fight in the middle of H Street turn into a chase with handguns, an X2 heckling session, meeting the owners of one of my favorite DC foodtrucks, a massive Halloween block party, and us starting to make the rounds of the local bars and restaurants. Better start soon before I miss anything else. My hope is to reflect on what's going on in the neighborhood and in our community life.

By way of introduction -- I'm Becky Zartman, a transitional deacon (church speak for "on the way to becoming a priest") in the Episcopal Church. And to answer any initial questions: Yes, I can get married. Yes, the Episcopal Church ordains women to be clergy and has since the 70's. Yes, we welcome, marry, and ordain gay people. Yes, I would be happy to discuss any questions at all you might have about Christianity or the church or how annoying/hypocritical/crazy/fill in the blank Christians can be. I'm not sure if I can answer the questions, but we can at least talk about it. Also in the cast of characters will be my husband, an international affairs specialist, and our dog, a terrier who may or may not be a war criminal.

Anyway, please excuse the blog being under construction for a bit. I'll be adding stuff as a go will look much prettier soon!

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  1. Loved checking out the new digs last week, Becky. Excited to follow your adventures!